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In front of the building we have 2 parking spaces , additional parking can be found both on Longstone Street and in the public lay-by in Ward Avenue , a 2 minute walk from the clinic . Please be respectful to local residents when parking and do not park over driveways / entrances .

Yes we do home visits to patients who are unable to physically come into the clinic . We do have disabled access via a ramp to the front of the building and 2 treatment rooms on the ground floor.

If it is appropriate to do so and with your consent to the treatment plan , we would usually offer treatment in your first appointment. Occasionally for more complex conditions / specialist treatments we may need to book you into a planned / longer appointment.

This will depend on the type of medical insurance you hold. Some insureers cover full or partial costs of treatment, other will not . We are currently registered with several private medical companies , it is important you contact your insurer before treatment to check their guidelines .

Please note we do not deal directly with insurers, you will be required to pay for your treatment in full at the end of the session and we will provide you with a full reciept and can complete a claim form if required.

Yes , we treat all ages from very young children / babies to the elderly .

Technically no but the names are often used interchangeably. An insole is an over the counter device which will have been mass manufactured , we can adjust the insole if necessary to alievate pain and improve foot function. An orthotic is a prescribed medical device , which is made in a lab, specifically for the patient from a cast of their foot, to control foot function , by influencing the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems .

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