Verrucae Treatment

Are you struggling with unsightly verrucae that are affecting your daily life? Do you want to find a safe and effective treatment for them? Our clinic offers a variety of treatments for verrucae, including Salicylic acid, Verrutop, and dry needling.

What is dry needling, and how does it work? Dry needling is a unique treatment option that uses a fine needle to disrupt the papillae and stimulate the immune system to fight the virus. This treatment is carried out under local anesthetic and can lead to spontaneous remission of other lesions.

What is Verrutop, and how does it differ from other treatments? Verrutop is a painless treatment that contains a Nitrizinc complex, applied to the skin. Unlike other treatments, it doesn't require you to keep the area dry for several days post-treatment. It is suitable for children from 6 years and has a £10 surcharge.

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